Our inspection tools are always reliable

Only when one is in a tight spot and a quick and easy solution is needed, does one recognize just how very valuable our inspection tools are. Our inspection set is comprised of magnetic lifters, claw-type grippers and a telescopic inspection mirror. We have fitted our telescopic inspection mirror with a lamp to inspect even the darkest corners (optional).

Magnetic Lifter

Magnetic lifters retrieve magnetic small pieces from areas impossible to reach by hand or only by the use of extreme force.


Claw-type Grippers

Claw-type grippers come into use when non-magnetic small pieces need to be retrieved from difficult to reach places.


Telescopic Inspection Mirrors

Telescopic inspection mirrors enable you to inspect otherwise inaccessible areas such as in machines or behind cupboards. No mirror means having to disassemble things which is always a tedious task!



Browse in our shop! You will find many useful aids such as the LED-pen lamps or our LED-flexible lamps and lots of other tools which will simplify and facilitate inspection work.


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