Technical solutions with magnetic strength

Would you like to apply magnetic strength to the implementation of a technical solution? The perfect application takes into account the following criteria such as magnetic material, dimensions, shielding, scratch protection, fixing, hygienic requirements, mechanical and environmental demands.

These magnetic solutions form part of our range:

Rod grips

Our rod grips are available in the following types: AlNiCo, neodymium or samarium cobalt. Each type has its own advantages.


Flat handles

With the flat handles, distinctions are made between the hard ferrite flat handles, neodymium flat handles or samarium cobalt flat handles. They offer a wide range of possible applications.


Raw magnets

For our clients requiring raw magnets, we offer different varieties of raw magnet, neodymium raw magnets and samarium cobalt raw magnets. We look forward to discussing and implementing further processing steps with you.


Special magnets

For special areas of application, we offer magnetic strips, organiser magnets and our “Red Series”. This is the right place for you for any special solutions you need.


The 1 x 1 of the Magnet

Want to make use of magnetic strength but are unsure as to which type of magnet best fits your application? Our 1 x1 Magnet will help you get an easy and understandable overview of each of the different types of magnet available and lists helpful selection criteria.


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    Magnet Guidebook

    Do you know what the difference is between adhesive force and shear force? Or why magnets can protect against floods?

    Answers to these and many more questions can be found in our magnet guidebook. We love creative solutions and magnets. In this blog, we want to pass on our knowledge and share our passion. This very versatile tool stirs the imagination and lets creative ideas form.


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