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LED-Workplace lighting

Good workplace lighting enable homogenous, glare-free light on machines at the workplace. They help early detection of inaccuracies such as material and production flaws and in the best case, complete avoidance. Our innovative LED-lighting convince through their extraordinary durability as well their high-energy efficiency. They are flexible to mount, gentle on surfaces thanks to a rubber encased magnetic base and can withstand intensive mechanical demands. We will be very happy to show you the ideal LED Workplace lighting for your workplace.

Magnet Technology

Magnetic Solutions for Trade and Industry

Do you value the strength of a high-quality magnet? Whether from Neodymium, hard ferrite, AINiCo or Samarium-cobalt, this is the right place for you. Choose your preferred magnet from our wide range on offer and order from our online shop with just a few clicks. Or consult our very experienced team who will advise you and help you find the perfect magnetic solutions for your planned field of application.

Inspection Tools

Inspection tools: Indispensable assistants

Our versatile inspection tools offer “rapid assistance for self-help”. For professional use in the workshop or dealing with a small household emergency you are fully equipped for a fast response where it otherwise may not be possible. Our telescopic inspection tools allow you to inspect even the darkest corners and with our claw-type gripper or magnetic lifter, you will be able to recover the smallest pieces from the most difficult to access places.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving for Industry

Professional marking using laser engraving sets your product apart from the rest and gives you an instantly detectable recognition factor from the outset. Laser marking and engraving have the advantages of being heat and acid-resistant unlike many other labelling possibilities. Thanks to our six different laser systems, it is possible for us to carry out laser inscriptions on virtually all materials.


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