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We’ve been taking new paths for years even when they were not always clear.

This lies in the fact that for nearly 4 years we have been actively involved in the exciting topic of digitalisation and the changes involved. We have always had a deep affinity with technology and extraordinary entrepreneurial personalities. Increasingly we have had Silicon Valley more in our sights and we have founded systems and models, adding to our knowledge and steadily changing our way of thinking and doing business. Our production company, Bauer & Böcker is an experiment box, so to speak. All decisions taken are responsibly weighed against the “risks and side effects” of decisions made.
Our managing director, Inga Bauer, lives and works mainly in Berlin. She moved there to learn from and make good use of the start-up scene in Berlin. This has proved to not only be the right decision but also a real accelerator as well. Now she wishes to pass on her new-found knowledge to others in our region as there is only one way to circumvent digitalisation and this is through insolvency! In her service portfolio, she grants insights into how she has removed herself from the daily and physical operational side of the business, focussing now on the future strategies of the company. Inga Bauer has a deep connection with and appreciation of the Bergische region and its people. Furthermore, she is impressed by their competence, production processes and infrastructure. She firmly believes that in these digital times that they have a justified existence when they transform.


Be inspired!

In her current speech “Let’s innovate”, Inga Bauer reports on the restructuring process in our company. Furthermore, she gives many examples as to how she introduced innovation strategies into the company leading to a digital journey and the change of mind-set needed for a culture of innovation to form and keep up with the speed of change.

Inga Bauer speaks to Bergische regional societies and institutions for free but not for nothing! Contact her here at:

Innovations Tour

To the start-up scene in Berlin

Want to actively start the change process? Then take part in the 2-day seminar in Berlin. A workshop day of living and experiencing innovation including immersing yourself in the methods of thinking and acting of start-ups in a Berlin co-working space. Meet start-up entrepreneurs and take part in pitches, networking and company visits. Further information and current dates can be found at:


Inspired by the monthly networking meeting “Business and Beer” in the Free University of Berlin, we have encouraged the active exchange with companies and entrepreneurial thinking people in our region. The format is 40 minutes comprising either an interview or several short speeches on a specific topic after which there is enough time for participants to network over a drink together.



Even when digitalisation really means the data exchange of machines, we can also network peoples’ drive! An important piece of communication between people is the building of trust. Many platforms exist where companies offer their services. The question is, however, does one and can one work with these companies and the people behind them? Is there chemistry and alignment? On Inga Bauer’s channel “Let’s innovate together”, she introduces people and their companies in ten minute interviews. The theme is always innovation and WHY. Listeners and viewers can gain valuable inspiration for their own companies and feel challenged by the interviews to sound out business possibilities for themselves.